partners & links

We can always rely on our partners and we would like to say thank you!

Here you will find our partners’ websites.
They play an essential role in achieving the quality and comfort of the sonic chair.
Kvadrat produces the fabric for the interior upholstery of the sonic chair and always strives to deliver the highest quality.
We use the finest leather from the Swedish company Elmo for the exterior upholstery.
Syncronice® is the most flexible wireless audio system, transmitting any audio signal in sync from any source right into your Sonic Chair.
Working in cooperation with our partner Hypex, we were able to develop the high-performance amplifier specifically for the sonic chair.
Tomy Badurina has been responsible for documenting the development of the sonic chair in photos from the very beginning.
Our structure-borne sound technology is supplied by TIDAL Audio GmbH.