Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to your questions regarding the sonic chair. Simply click on the question! If your question is not answered, please contact us. (> contact)

Questions regarding buying & renting

1 What does a sonic chair cost?

Please contact us. We will gladly send you the current price list.(> contact)

2 How do I order a sonic chair?

You can order a sonic chair directly from us. We look forward to hearing from you.(> contact)

3 Can I arrange for a leasing agreement?

We offer leasing agreements. We would be happy to send you an individual offer. (> contact)

4 Are there any sonic chair dealers?

We are currently negotiating with sales distribution partners in strategic cities around the world. If you believe you might be one of them, please write to us! (> contact)

5 What does shipping cost?

In Germany, shipping costs are approx. 150.00 euros per sonic chair. We are also glad to organise foreign deliveries. Shipping costs outside of Germany depend on the type of shipping (by sea, air or over land); we will provide a quote from our shipping partners in response to individual requests.

6 What does it cost to rent a sonic chair?

We will gladly send you our rental conditions. Please send us an e-mail request. (> contact)

7 How long can I rent a sonic chair?

The maximum rental period is 1 month.

8 How long is the guaranty on a sonic chair?

The guaranty period is 1 year from the date of delivery. Extensions can be purchased for up to three years.

9 Are sonic chairs available for rent in all of the colours and versions?

We have a number of rental models available and can provide detailed information upon request. Please send us an e-mail enquiry. (> contact)

Questions regarding production

1 Where is the sonic chair produced?

The sonic chair is “made in Germany”. It is produced according to our customers’ specifications in our workshop (production site) in Cologne.

2 Are all of the components certified?

Yes, we only use sustainably produced components and materials. (> sustainability).

3 How long have you been producing the sonic chair?

The sonic chair has been produced since 2007.

Questions regarding construction

1 How much does a sonic chair weigh?

A sonic chair weighs approx. 100 kg.

2 What is the maximum load for a sonic chair?

The maximum load for a sonic chair is 150 kg.

3 What must be taken into consideration in choosing a site for the sonic chair?

he sonic chair should only be operated in dry surroundings. The pedestal of the sonic chair should never come into contact with water.

4 Where can I find the technical data?

The technical data can be found under downloads (> downloads).

5 Can the sonic chair be used by a number of people at the same time?

In order to fully enjoy the sound quality of the sonic chair, you must be seated in the centre of the sound. This is only possible individually.

Questions regarding technology and operation

1 What can be connected to a sonic chair?

Every sonic chair has two separate audio input jacks: an RCA jack in the pedestal, underneath the stainless steel plate, and a 6.3 mm TRS connection next to the volume control in the operating console. This makes it possible to connect any device equipped with a corresponding audio cable.

2 Is it possible to access the Internet in a sonic chair?

Yes. In the version with an integrated iMac or iPad you can connect to your own Wi-Fi. If you would rather use your laptop to connect the sonic chair to Wi-Fi, choose the version with a laptop table (> versions)

3 How can I regulate the volume?

You can regulate the volume via the volume control knob inside of the sonic chair.

4 How can I regulate the structure-borne sound in the back cushion?

Adjust the structure-borne sound volume by means of the sonor control knob.

5 What connections do I need for a sonic chair?

A 230 volt electrical outlet and, if needed, audio connections.


6 Can you also use the sonic chair with 115 volt?

Yes, but it must be adapted by us beforehand.

7 The sonic chair doesn’t work, what should I do?

Check the electrical connection.
Check the main switch.
Check the stand-by switch.
Check the fuse next to the main switch.
Contact us under

8 Can the maximum volume be individually adjusted?

The DSP makes it possible to programme various initial and maximum volume levels. As a rule, we should adjust the settings. After you have been instructed in the use of the software, which we will subsequently send you, it will also be possible for you to change the programming yourself.

Questions regarding care

1 How can I remove a spot from the interior upholstery?

The connection to an electrical outlet should always be interrupted before cleaning by pulling the plug! The electrical connection should never come into contact with water! Most spots can be removed from the interior fabric using mildly soapy water at a temperature of up to 60° C. After cleaning, the soapy water should be removed with a towel and clear water. The interior fabric should not be soaked. It should be dried afterwards by dabbing it with a dry towel and not by rubbing it.
We can also send you a spot chart with instructions on how to remove specific spots from the interior fabric.

2 How can I remove a spot from the exterior upholstery?

The connection to an electrical outlet should always be interrupted before cleaning by pulling the plug! The electrical connection should never come into contact with water! Clean the leather with the soft brush of your vacuum cleaner. Water soluble spots can be slightly moistened and then dabbed off with a paper towel. Never use powerful cleaning agents or chemicals, but instead only water-based leather care products.

3 How do I clean the sonic chair?

Clean the metal components with a dry or slightly damp cloth. The electronics inside the sonic chair should never come into contact with water.

Questions regarding colours and versions

1 In what colours and fabrics is the sonic chair available?

For the interior upholstery you can choose one of 39 colours (> colours). The exterior upholstery is cream white (Pantone 7527C).

2 Is branding possible?

We can emboss or embroider your company’s logo on the back cushion.