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Have you ever sat inside headphones?

The sonic chair offers you a unique auditive experience, because you are always sitting in the centre of sound.

Regardless of whether you want to enjoy a symphony orchestra, a pop concert or an audiobook – the integrated loud speakers are finely tuned to your hearing.

A specially developed structure-borne sound membrane serves as a backrest. It generates particularly low, non-audible frequencies and gives you the feeling of hearing the music live.

The open construction provides a resonance-free, balanced space for sound. The active and passive acoustic insulation create an acoustic island.
While enjoying music or spoken information inside of the sonic chair, no undesired noise from the surrounding environment reaches the listener

You sit in the centre of sound – regardless of where you are.

Whether you are in a hotel lobby or in the lounge area of an airport, in your favourite bookshop or in a music store: the sonic chair combines a high-tech listening experience with a special ambience. Your customers can enjoy of a comfortable chair and an optimal sound experience.