How should sound be shaped, if you want to sit in it?


You have a hi-fi system, speakers and various cables to connect everything? And you would also like to sit comfortably? The sonic chair combines all of this.
Its shape, like that of a musical instrument, is determined by acoustic requirements. The impressive ring surrounds the listener like a cocoon and, at the same time, enhances the acoustic effect. The back netting conveys the dynamism and the transparency of the sounding board. The central cushion in the backrest not only fulfils a function in conveying structure-borne sound, it also formally enhances the acoustic characteristics of the chair.
The two-colour design adheres to the acoustic anatomy of the furniture and ensures a high level of recognition.

The sonic chair was awarded one of the most important design prizes, worldwide, by an internationally recognised jury of experts, the “red dot design award”. In addition, it was nominated for the “Design Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany”.

designatics – Frank Hussong, Daniela Reuter, Michael Kientzler
Produktdesign Fritzlar – Holger Fritzlar