How a concert hall can be reduced to the size of a chair

Imagine sitting in a concert hall – not just anywhere, but right where the conductor stands. You don’t miss the slightest nuance. You can feel the vibrato. And now imagine this at home, in a lobby, or in a museum – then you are sitting in a sonic chair. Our idea of combining loudspeakers with comfortable seating allows for optimal listening conditions.

How you can convince your favourite band to play a concert just for you

You are standing in the front row, while your favourite band is playing. You can literally feel the beat and chills run down your spine during the solo … Our structure-borne sound membrane “beams” you into the live act, because even the best loudspeakers cannot produce what you feel in a sonic chair.

How to cut out ambient noise by just pushing a button

Imagine being at a trade fair and watching a presentation in the midst of the noisy crowd. By simply pressing an icon on the touch screen, you start the trailer and you are suddenly surrounded by crystal clear sound. You are now oblivious to the noisy surroundings, because you are sitting in a sonic chair.


Listening at the centre of sound + structure-borne sound + acoustic island = sonic chair

Our idea of an acoustic island allows for undisturbed listening even in loud environments. And the integration of an iMac or iPad makes audio-visual presentations in the highest quality possible.

The use of structure-borne sound also makes it possible to reduce the audible bass frequencies. These are the main cause of undesired noise emission – for example when you can hear a neighbour listening to loud music.

Combined with the principle of the acoustic island, additional advantages result: in the sonic chair you can listen to things at any desired volume, without disturbing the people around you. This effect is most pronounced when there is a constant level of ambient noise. This advantage of the sonic chair also plays a role in very quiet areas, such as museums and libraries. This makes it possible to place a number of sonic chairs in the same room. The users can listen to different content without disturbing each other.

In a different combination, the acoustic island is used with piped-in background sounds. Through a process known as sound masking, disturbing noises – such as conversations in an open-plan office – are eliminated by overlayering them with more pleasant background noises. This can include soft music or sounds from nature. This makes it possible to conduct a relaxed telephone conversation in the middle of an open-plan office.