You are sitting in the centre of sound – regardless of where you are

Our technicians have succeeded in refining the audio technology, thereby making it seem more expressive: the circular sound case, with a volume of 32 litres, is equipped with a high-quality sound transducer produced in Scandinavia. The separate tweeter, mid-range speaker, and sub-woofer are augmented by the mute, structure-borne sound.

The structure-borne sound technology is based on a development of our own:
The large format membrane, which also serves as a backrest, creates frequencies as low as 16 hertz. Such deep “sounds” can no longer be heard and are only perceived as a physical sensation. Mounted without any connection to the sounding board of the sonic chair, the structure-borne sound vibrates against the listener’s back and generates a special sensation. Normal loud speakers are not able to reproduce this frequency and transmit it though the air. This technology’s strong suit is most noticeable when listening to audio plays or watching films: the sensation of thunder or explosions catapults the listener into the middle of the action.

Our structure-borne sound membrane, which is unique throughout the world, is augmented by a sound generator, which can transmit structure-borne sound up to audible levels. In addition, it is coupled with the sounding board that consists of several layers of laminated wood. Felt and audible sound must be transmitted simultaneously, and that requires highly precise structure-borne sound converters. In this way, it is possible to experience the sound spectrum in a piece of music that would otherwise be transmitted over the floor in an authentic and impressive manner.

The six-channel amplifier in patented class D technology, which was specifically developed for our sonic chair, delivers balanced and precise sound. Every tweeter and mid-range speaker, the sub-woofer and the two structure-borne sound converters is has its own amplifier. This complex equipment makes it possible to deliver a perfectly tuned signal to each sound transducer via a Digital Signal Processor (DSP). In comparison to the usual mode of tuning, using audio crossovers, this high-end technology provides the listener in the sonic chair a differentiated acoustic pattern combined with highly nuanced spatiality. The acoustic characteristics can also be adjusted to the individual needs of our customers. For example, the initial volume and the maximum volume can be programmed in the factory.

With all its sophisticated technology, the sonic chair is still easy to operate: there are diverse connection options for external devices such as laptops, CD and DVD players, iPods or game consoles. It can also be equipped as a multimedia chair, including such features as an iMac with a touch screen or an iPad
(> versions), so that music data and data banks can be archived, visualised and presented. The innovative technology of the sonic chair thus allows users to completely emerge themselves in the media world of their choice.