Only the best: materials that meet the highest demands

All of the materials used in our sonic chair are of the highest quality and are provided by certified European suppliers.

Its production and craftsmanship correspond with current environmental standards. Further information can be found under sustainability (> sustainability).

We have, whenever possible, refrained from using plastic. The beechwood for the production of the sounding board comes from sustainable German forestry in keeping with the PEFC standard.

The powerful compact amplifier, as well as the high-quality loudspeakers from Scandinavian manufacturers and all of the other electronic components used in the sonic chair, conform with ROHS standards, and are therefore lead-free.

A very durable microfibre fabric in a suede finish is used for the interior upholstery. “Waterborn” is available in 39 classic and contemporary colours.

The diverse palette includes natural shades as well as bright urban colours (> colours). You have a choice between fine leather from Elmo or the easy-care artificial leather ATN, both in cream white, for the exterior upholstery. The former is a soft, supple semi-aniline leather, which is very robust, pleasing to touch, and optimally suited for commercial interiors. This leather, made of Scandinavian cowhide, is semi-aniline dyed and tanned using water soluble dyes.

The metal components are either powder-coated, made of stainless steel, anodized aluminium and are manufactured by seven regional companies. The supporting elements in the pedestal are made of 8 mm special steel.