possible uses

How to talk your favourite band into giving a live concert

The sonic chair can be a private concert hall, home movie theatre, or workplace

The absolute tonal spectrum of audible sound, including structure-borne sound, makes it possible for you to hear your favourite music your own home in perfection or to experience films as if you were on the set, and all this without causing disruption.
Connect your laptop or use the iMac with a touch screen (> versions), and you can create an alternative workplace.

The sonic chair as an eye-catcher and a multimedia station

Whether in a lounge or in the waiting area of an airport, in the reading room or elsewhere in a library, at an exhibition, or in your shop: our sonic chair fulfils a dual purpose in pubic spaces. It is both an eye-catcher and a piece of multi-media furniture.

Its positive, prize-winning design attracts people and makes them curious. Once they sit in it, your customers or guests will devote their full attention to what is happening in the chair. Visually and acoustically disengaged from busy surroundings, you can search your iPad or the iMac data bank and directly access video and sound files, engage in interactive learning or one of your customers can simply relax.

The following applications are just a few examples from a highly diverse list of possible uses: