How to shut out ambient noise by simply pressing a button

Listening and video station

With the sonic chair, you offer your visitors an attractive listening and video station, as an alternative to public headphones. This allows your customers to escape from everyday stress and emerge themselves in a world of sounds and images. The perfect acoustic experience can be enriched by visual impressions.

Acoustic island

Thanks to audio-cocooning, the sound stays where it is generated – in the chair! Despite its open construction, there is very little noise emission. The amplifier’s digital signal processor can also be programmed to a maximum volume. This makes it possible to install sonic chairs in quiet zones without any problem.

Search and find

Our sonic chair not only combines innovative sound technology with emotional design, it can also serve as a multimedia solution in your library. By means of an integrated iMac with a touch screen or an iPad, your visitors can individually look for audio books and plays, music, videos and films and listen to them directly.

Test the sonic chair in your library!
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