Multimedia at an exhibition – without disturbing other visitors

Listening station

From the indomitable sound of an old racing car to the fine sound of historical musical instruments – sounds that you thought were lost come alive again in the sonic chair. As a result of the unique sound technology (> acoustics) you will both hear and feel the performances. The tranquillity of your museum will still be preserved, despite the open construction of the sonic chair. Due to the low level of noise emission, other visitors will not be disturbed.

Multimedia information centre

Stimulate the interest of your visitors through attractive design and state-of-the-art multimedia technology. The integrated iMacs with touch screens or iPads (> versions) appeal especially to young people and schoolchildren. They have fun while interactively accessing information. Content can be attractively presented. Accompanying information on the exhibits can be communicated with child-like ease and in an entertaining manner.

Presentation of collections – whether old or new

Provide your visitors with digital access to your collection. In the sonic chair, videos, photos and informational texts can augment your exhibition and be chosen by your visitors individually.



Once you establish a link to sources and information on the Internet, you can use the sonic chair with Wi-Fi as an information point.


Do you use iPhones, iPads or other hand-held devices as audio guides for hire in your exhibitions? In such cases, we offer you additional equipment like an iPod docking station or a laptop table with an integrated audio connection (> versions), which will allow your visitors to access audio data in the sonic chair. Visitors will be able to play the audio guide at the speed and volume they choose. Headphones, which have already been worn by many people, then become obsolete.

Rent short-term – the sonic chair for individual exhibitions

In addition to purchasing the sonic chair in order to embed it in a permanent exhibition, you can also rent a sonic chair for a limited period of time (> rent & buy). You can then determine what content is to be stored on it.