events/trade fairs

An island of tranquility in the midst of a trade fair? Take a seat in a sonic chair!


Make sure people take notice of your stand! The sonic chair is a real eye-catcher that attracts visitors and encourages them to sit down.

Audio-Cocooning / Acoustic Island

In the midst of the bustle and stress of a trade fair or similar event, you can offer your guests a zone of tranquillity. The unique sound experience (> acoustic) that results from sitting at the centre of sound, and the supporting effect of the structure-borne sound membrane (> technology), allow the user to forget the world around them.

External devices such as CD players or laptops can also be connected via wireless audio signal transmission (Link AudioFly).
Due to the special acoustic characteristics of the sonic chair (> acoustic), visitors in the vicinity will barely hear what the user in the chair is listening to. This effect is all the more pronounced, the higher the noise level in the trade fair hall or during an event.


Make presentations for all of the senses

The sonic chair is a perfect medium for making presentations. In the special ambience of the sonic chair, you can inform your visitors without disturbing anyone. The greater the number of senses that are appealed to at one time, the better the information is remembered. We offer variously equipped sonic chairs for this purpose, with iMac touch screens or iPads (> versions).

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