We insist on the highest quality and precise craftsmanship

The sonic chair is produced by hand in our workshops in Cologne. Our goal is to create perfect sound in its most attractive form. The quality of our sonic chair requires extraordinarily precise craftsmanship. At the same time, we focus on ecologically friendly production and sustainability (> sustainability). All of the materials used, correspond with the highest quality standards.

We implement the most modern sound and multimedia technology (> technology) in a highly complex example of furniture craftsmanship, which is completed by high-quality upholstery. Special solutions
(> individualisation) are developed for our customers with the highest attention to detail and the most rigorous requirements in terms of design and functionality.

The sonic chair was awarded one of the most important design prizes worldwide, the “red dot design award”, by an international jury. It was also nominated for the “Design Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany”.

designatics GbR – Frank Hussong, Daniela Reuter, Michael Kientzler
Productdesign Fritzlar – Holger Fritzlar