Highest quality produced in Germany according to ecological standards

Sustainability is very important to us. We therefore produce the sonic chair in a manner that saves on natural resources. We produce locally, using materials that are ecologically certified. All of the materials and components used in our sonic chair are of the highest quality and are provided by certified European suppliers. Their workmanship and production methods also correspond with current ecologial standards. Wherever possible, we have refrained from using plastics.

The wood used to produce the sounding board comes from German forests that are sustainably managed according to the PEFC standards. The powerful compact amplifier, the high-quality loudspeakers produced in Scandinavia, as well as all of the other electronic components, comply with ROHS standards and are, therefore, lead-free.

For the interior upholstery, we use the microfiber fabric “Waterborn” which is produced by Kvadrat in a sustainable process without any solvents and using recycled water. For the exterior upholstery, we use a supple semi-aniline leather from Elmosoft. The semi-aniline dyed leather, with natural markings, is made from Scandinavian cowhide using only water-based dyes. Chemicals that represent an environmental danger are substituted, and hazardous substances are reduced. As an alternative to the leather upholstery, you can also order the sonic chair with synthetic leather. It is made of cotton with a percentage of polyester and is certified as an environmentally friendly textile (Oeko-Tex).